Gord Miller on Twitter Regarding The Expansion Draft and Side Deals.

Gord Miller on Twitter Regarding The Expansion Draft and Side Deals.


ESPN should be pissed. They just got the NHL deal and after the leaks the expansion draft was a fizzle. And the Kraken decided to wait until the next day for all their draft trades? There must be either few trades or some three way trades that were forbidden by the expansion draft embargo. Two hours to go.


Can’t imagine they are happy at all, but what do you do when the player agents leak the information? As far as trades, probably going to be a couple minor ones then some signings. Anyone expecting a Tarasenko trade or a big fish to come out today I expect will be disappointed.


Didn’t they have to wait until today to do trades? I believe there was a “trade freeze” until 1m ET today.




Yeah, Bettman will finally get the chance to be booed when he goes to Connecticut.


I think the GM's around the league learned a lesson from Vegas a few years back. Many teams regret the premium they paid and would not do it again.


If we did end up trading Vatrano, it wasn’t to ensure Seattle took Driedger. Likely something else is coming back.


Eberle at 30% retained would be neat but i still hope we get laine so...


I have to imagine that the players they trotted out on stage in the jersey are safe. Bad look for them if they trade any of them. Only one rumored to be traded was Giordano.


Yeah, it never felt like that original story was the whole truth. It just didn't really make enough sense.


I need a glossary